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In July 1995, the Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry (ROTPM) was established at Rikers Island at the OBCC facility. What began as a one-time invitation to teach Bible Study developed into an ongoing ministry. God opened the door to go in to preach, teach and exhort men to come out of darkness into the marvelous light of His Son, Jesus Christ.


ROTPM is currently comprised of 14 in prison volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. We are currently ministering at two facilities on Rikers Island: OBCC and RMSC on the 3rd Sundays on the month and every Friday morning at RMSC.

By the grace of God, this Ministry endeavors to “reach out” behind prison walls to help to rehabilitate the lives of Men and Women who have lost their way and to teach them biblical principals that will transform their lives.

A major component of the Ministry is our Bible Study Correspondence Program. We now give men and women stamped envelopes so that they can follow up with us. To date, 22 Bible Study Lessons have been written and over 1,000 men and women in NYC Correctional Facilities, NY State Prisons, Federal Prisons, Forensic Prisons, and prisons in Texas have enrolled in the program.    


The Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry (ROTPM) is under the auspices of the LWB Ministries Inc., Rev Lula Ward-Brewer, Founder. ROTPM was established by God on July 16, 1995 and is an Outreach Ministry that actively ministers to the incarcerated men and women of the NYC and NYS State correctional systems and their families left behind.


With a holistic and multi-faceted approach to ministry, ROTPM combines worship services, bible study, letter writing, and re-entry services to provide a comprehensive offering to God’s people.


ROTPM desperately needs your prayers and your support, both financial and volunteers to continue to grow the mission and reach more of God's people for the Kingdom of Christ. 


See attached video of the ROTPM Team in action over the years.

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