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Dear Michael,  How are you brother? I am fine and well thank the Lord!  Well it’s been a great feeling loving and trusting the Lord.  My mom is doing much better and my family is doing well.  I pray for you and the ROTPM Team that God would be with you each day, he is a loving God we serve and there are times I am feeling down and depressed, but when I pray I know he is there with me and it is a great feeling to know how much he loves me and his people.   Once again thank you and I will keep you in prayer and your families as well.  Well lesson 10 is completed and its great to participate in the Bible Study Program and soon I will have a Certificate of Completion. God Bless. Love always.


Your Ministry has touched my life and I am so grateful for God using you all in my life.  I pray that God continues to use and bless The Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry as you all continue to do His Will.  You all truly made my birthday special; only the love of Jesus could do that. Thank you. God Bless you all.


Dear Brother in Christ Michael,  I write this letter to you in good health and high spirits.  I pray this letter reaches you in the same condition and that all is going well with you in your life and your ministry.  I have received your letter in response to my relationship with my girlfriend.  I thank you so very much for this letter, your genuine concerns and the time you took to do so.  I can report to you that things are going very well and much better not only between her and myself but between her, I and the Lord!  We have been praying and staying alert for his signs and messages to us, and oh what signs he sends! I also have the pleasure to tell you of some great proceedings of my case.  I decided to take my case to trial and to start jury selection on 5/27. To our pleasant surprise the complainant did not show up to court on the 27 or 28th and we have been adjourned to Mon. June 2nd.  My lawyer tells me I just might go free on Monday if he doesn’t show and I am certain this is the miracle I have been praying for. If it be the will of our beloved Heavenly Father I will contact you from the outside to further share with you my testimony and plans to carry out His purpose for me.  God bless you Brother Michael and talk to you soon.  With sincere regards to you and yours.

Hello Michael,   I do appreciate all that you have done for me brother.  Your obedience to God and your genuine care and concern means a lot to me.  I thank you.  I received a very loving, touching, heartwarming card from Rev. Lula as well as your letter.  Please relay to her that the words from the card were right on time; and her extra sentiments were truly and deeply received.  It means a lot to me that you all have been a part of my spiritual maturation and my growing in the knowledge of God.  It truly is a wonderful experience to witness Gods love in other peoples’ lives. So I count it as a blessing to have been a partaker of Gods glory through the ROTPM team. Thank you all for answering Gods call to carry his message to those of us who are incarcerated.  I am asking that you all continue to pray for me, as I you all.  Again I say thank you Michael and the ROTPM team. May God continue to richly bless you all.



Dear Rev. Lula, I’m happy to say that I’ll be going home in a couple of weeks! Yay! Thank God!   My release date is May 19th.  I’d like to finish this program from home.  I’d like to thank you and your ministry for the support, prayers and my beautiful Bible which I will use and cherish.  Thank you so much!  I’ve learned so much from the program.  I’m grateful to my friend Barbara for introducing it to me.  I will continue to read His Word as part of my daily living.  Thank you again and I look forward to Lesson 11 from home. God Bless You.



Dear Rev Lula Brewer,  I was in the program that you provide at [Rikers].  I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the one always in the back.  I sat on Rikers Island for two years, I went to trial once and had a mistrial, but on my second trial I blew to manslaughter in the first degree, the lesser charge, but the judge still gave me 22 years .  I’m [#} years old.  I’m a high ranking member of the “Bloods” organization. I was going through a rough tug of war between gang banging and completely handing my life over to the Lord.  But I know I can’t serve both.  I have almost 20 years with the “Bloods” organization.  But Sunday exactly two years later on 4/20/14 in that same church that you blessed your presence with helped me make the decision along with Pastor Barnett that Monday to step down and away from the bloods organization and fully hand my life over to the Lord.  I still have the bible that you personally autographed and I cherish it.  You’re the only other person I ever met with the name Lula besides my late grandmother and she was also heavy in the Church.  So when I see you or just see your name in my Bible I get a warm feeling of happiness and love.  So thank you, you are highly appreciated.  So I ask for your help in my situation as well as your prayer.  PLEASE!!!  Sincerely,  with the utmost love and respect.



Dear Rev Lula, Hello:  I am writing to let you know I attended your service on Tuesday for Easter and also I joined your Bible Study Program which I enjoy so much.  I am the guy who spoke to you after the service.  I know you heard this many times before; but I would like to join your ministry once I get released.  I feel I would learn so much from your ministry, which will help me in the next step in my life.  Also I am going to go to school to become a drug counselor.  Those are my plans.  Now that I am saved and read my bible and some self help books I believe I can accomplish anything as long as I put my mind to it, and keep God first.  I’ve lived a very hard and shameful life, which by the grace of God I am still here.  All I am saying, is I want to stay close to “Reach Out And Touch Prison Ministry.”  I know I would learn so much and I would apply it in everyday life pray for me that I make it through this. I might have to do 8 months then my new life begins. Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I feel it’s an honor. Yours Truly, M.H



Rev. Lula, Thank you so much for the birthday card, journal and happiness book.  I really appreciate it so much.  It means a lot to me.  Thanks also for your letter.  Your ministry is really helping me with my spiritual growth and I believe it is a big part of my healing process. I am thankful that Corlette was brought into my life and she connected us.


Dear Rev. Lula Brewer,  I just wanted to take a moment out to say that I truly thank the Lord for you and this ministry. I appreciate the additional ministry information that you took the time out to gather for me. May the Lord continue to bless you all, in Jesus name is my prayer.


Dear ROTPM,  Asking God to send unexpected blessings your way! Happy resurrection day and thank you for remembering my birthday not even my family remembered me.  God Bless You.  I’ve been so lonely figured everyone forgot about me. Love in Christ.



Dear Michael.  How are you Brother?   I am well, thank the Lord!  I want to thank you for being a friend and a brother to me.  Sometimes it’s a real struggle for me in here.  I’m always praying and speaking with God,  but sometimes I feel like my prayers don’t get answered at times I feel lonely, depressed, hurt inside, but thank God I got back into reading the purpose driven life and my bible.  Reading the purpose driven life teaches me how to go on everyday life as a Christian, there’s a lot of great weapons in that book, it’s like using those weapons to survive each day.  I received your letter today 4/14/14 and you’re the only person who writes besides my family.  Michael I don’t have any more friends from this world and I don’t want any friends from this world.  I want a new life with Christ like friends and family who I can trust, love and fellowship.  There is a passage in the bible that states; all of us go through times in life when we feel like useless junk.  We feel so broken that we have little or no hope of ever being restored.  How could anyone create anything useful out of this? But then God steps in.  He lovingly and tenderly picks up the pieces of out decrepit life and puts them back together again.  Whether our brokenness comes from our own poor choices or from the consequences of someone else’s action, God restores us.  I read Romans 8:28 that is what you asked me to read and thank you, because I read and it was very deep.  . I know that God doesn’t hate me, it’s just hard being here especially away from my mom and family. I have a 12yr old son and a 8yr old daughter, I am missing the best years of them growing up, plus al my nieces and nephews 9 in total, from 6-16years of age.  I am doing much better since the last letter, please keep me in prayer and my family and thank you for responding to my letters and being a brother and friend  my prayers are with you and ROTPM Ministry every day and night.



Dear Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry, I am practicing living a life of Godly integrity so to honor the Lord I actually read the life story of Abram/Abraham, finishing it tonight, hence the delay.  I am happy to announce that another brother C.S is interested in doing the Bible Study.  By the grace of God the “Word” is spreading! [Our Bible Study Lesson instructed the participants to read the life of Abraham.  So happy to get the report that he heeded the instructions and that another Inmate has enrolled as a result!] 


I thank the Lord for you all and all that you are doing for the kingdom of God.  I’m learning, but need to whole-heartedly accept and apply what I’ve learned without compromise.  I refuse to give up and am determined to live for Jesus.  He has been too good to me. Also I’d like to add that the booklet that you’ll sent to me was a real eye opener (by Rick Warren.)  I really enjoy God’s word and learning as a whole.  I find extra biblical material helpful always. The reason why I mentioned this is to ask if you can afford to send any other material that you feel impressed to send, please do so. I asked the Chaplain here if he had any additional material he doesn’t, he only has Bibles.  I don’t know how long I’ll be in this place; just want to saturate my mind/spirit with the Word and biblical teaching.

Birthday Surprise For Woman Inmate At Albion!

Dear Rev Lula & the wonderful ROTPM Team:  Thank you so very much for my beautiful Bible!  And what an awesome surprise to receive it on my birthday! Thank You! You’ve made my day and it brought a huge smile to my face! I feel so blessed. Thank you again so very much.  I will treasure this always.

Inmate Expresses Gratitude for a Changed Life!   

I felt the need to write this letter because my heart told me it was time for me to express certain feelings I have for the organization that has helped me so much during my imprisonment.  Also to let you know how thankful I am to all of you at the ministry for helping me to find comfort where there was none before.   In all honesty words cannot truly express or relate to you how deeply grateful I am to you. Thank you for the direction you have given me on a daily basis.  My only wish is to do Gods Will without question or thought above all else.  How sweet that would be.  Talk is cheap and overrated and actions speak louder than words, words are hollow when not backed-up with actions.  I’m tired of living a lie; I truly want to break the chains of the devil and start a new life and mean it.  I want to stop taking one step forward and two steps back, never truly getting anywhere. My life, where I am going? I’ll tell you “nowhere” on the fast track to nowhere. One thing I can say I awake with a desire to do the right thing above all else. Even if I fail, my intentions are honorable and I’m in the right place. So I don’t feel so sad because I know in my heart what my purpose is every day.  I have a direction that’s very strong in my life today that I haven’t felt in a long time. Nothing can ever change my mind again because God has spoken to me and I thank God, this time I was listening and heard him loud and clear as day in my (mind.) He said to me to get a job once I get out, two if necessary and to leave the street behind and many of my problems will cease to exist. I need no more convincing by anyone. He, who has an ear, let him hear me! Mistakes what can say, I wish I could go back and undo the things I have done but there is no road to yesterday. So now I can only go forward. You are always in my prayers. You are truly an example to me. Thank you for all the kind words and thoughtful things you do. They are truly noticed.



Hello Michael, Grace and peace be with unto you and yours.  It takes a special kind of someone to show interest in, and then take interest in another life; all the while living their own.  You, my friend, are someone special.  I pray that God continues to bless you and yours mightily and abundantly.  I admire your love and passion for the Lord.  You inspire me to be the man of God he created me to be.  The ROTPM team as a whole is very instrumental in my Christian walk as well as several other men I know.  I am sure there are many more as well. Thank you. You have asked me a few questions. I want God to give me peace, so that I can walk calmly.  I want God to give me a ministry,  I want to help others.  I do believe the bible to be all true.  I do understand that with God I shouldn’t think; just do.  I am getting better because my trial is just about finished and no matter what happens God’s grace is sufficient. Michael thank you for writing me it means a lot to me that you have extended your ear and time to me. May God continue to richly bless you.



I hope and pray that this letter finds you and your love ones in the best of health and spirits.  I would like to thank you as well as the other members that visited Rikers Island on 3/16/14.  The visit as well as the message was insightful, invigorating, and inspiring.  In fact, I find myself implementing more discipline into my life where I’m committed to studying the Word of God more on a daily basis.  Before my arrest I joined a church in my community and I was baptized.  Unfortunately I stopped attending the Bible-Study classes as well as the Sunday worship services due to problems I was having with my lady.  Since I’ve attended the service on 3/16/14 I’ve committed to reading, studying, and meditating on the Word for a minimum of 2 hours and 40 minutes daily.  Anyway I wanted to write this letter because I’m really interested in improving my life. I hope to be exiting here.  However, I would love to continue the lessons and hopefully learn more about what God is offering through your ministry.  May God Bless.


First let me say “Glory to God.” I thank you and my spiritual family for the prayers, also the information you’ve shared with me. These lessons are so beautiful and helpful, my understanding has truly grown stronger, and it allows me to enjoy the Word and will of God so much more than ever. Praise God! It has also made me bring some of these men to the light.  It is so much fun and rewarding to me because it makes me feel that much closer to my Lord and Savior. Please thank Bro. Norman and Bro. Michael for their prayers.  As for you, may God bless your ministry with more great servants for Gods perfect will. Thank you again.  Always, Bro W.


Letter From NJ: Dear Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry. Thank you for the Easter Card, it really woke me up this week. I was in my moment of giving up hope on. With this card, for some reason tells me to hang on. Thank you. I've been reading my N.I.V....I love this version. Thank you for thinking of me. God is good all the time. Sincerely, NJ. [God knows right where we are and exactly what we need, and just how to get it to us]


I am a Christian. I got baptized Nov. 18, 2012. Going to church is one thing, but actually studying the Word of God is another. I thank my husband (who is in jail) for the much prayers and introduction of these studies. I ask that you continue to pray for us through this dark time. Thank you in advance. [We just received the Wife's 4th Lesson......Let the Church say Amen!]


All the lessons were helpful because these were all areas I needed help with. All the lessons taught me what I need to do in order to become more Christ-like. This Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry has been a blessing to me during this difficult time and I just want to say thank God for your ministry because it has helped me a great deal.


I am an inmate at Rikers Island awaiting trial for__________. I am seeking forgiveness for the crime I committed. It was an accident. I obtained your address from a friend who said that you could help me in finding forgiveness from God and myself. I have no religion so this may help. You can send all correspondence to the address located below. Thank you. Respectfully yours. SB. (How touching! We would be remiss if we did not pray for Steve. Please join us in interceding on his behalf.)

Blessings to my Brother and Sister. I'm thankful that you come to OBCC to preach the Word of the Lord. My life is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ so one day when I'm free I'm going to preach the Word to family, friends and strangers. I feel having God in my life I will never go astray. I need part 3 and 4 (Lessons) so that I can continue to participate in the Bible Study. You are in my prayers also because I love when you all come to OBCC to preach the Word of the Lord. God Bless you and your family and friends. TL [Please pray for TL. God is raising up men in prison and revealing to them His will and purpose for their lives]


Praise the Lord Reach Out and Touch Prison Ministry. I am really grateful and prayerful for you guys what you are doing for God and for us prisoners. I am reaching out to new believer in Christ and thank God it is being received. About 3 weeks ago you guys came to Rikers and preached about God wanting more than faith and believing in him, He wants a relationship with us and I thank God for that message because I knew it was for me to hear and it has blessed me ever since. I completed Lesson #1 and #7 and I'm writing to you guys to please send me Lesson #2 and another Lesson #1 so that I can give to a brother in here that is interested also. I am grateful and thank God for these Lessons because it helps and I will be waiting for Lesson #2. Be blessed and may God keep blessing us all through His Son Jesus Christ.


Richard who was looking forward to being released a couple of months ago, but learned he has to serve 2 more years:Dear Michael: Praise God For ROTPM! Michael is going to do mighty works for the Lord Jesus Christ. I speak out in faith. We are in God's hands, Amen. Today's Daily Bread is Philippians 4:11: I have learned in whatever state I am to be content. Content is not possessing everything but giving thanks for everything you possess. One step at a time, I am learning to be satisfied even in uncomfortable environments. Paul learned to accept whatever came his way..... Thank you so much for being there for me again. God will provide! Great is thy Faithfulness!" [Please pray for Richard and his son whom he longs t return to,]

Jail Brings Inmate Closer To GodLetter from TL. God bless you. I hope and pray you are doing fine. I love going to church and I love getting mail from the house of Lord. I'm staying strong, praying everyday and getting closer to God. It feels so good. I always believed in the Lord Jesus Christ but I'm more closer to Him than I ever been because I read the Bible and also attend Services. Without no God there's no me. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ and have faith in God. Coming to prison opened my eyes. I'm not happy to be here but jail brought me much closer to The Lord. From a bad thing to a good thing. I never wanted to be locked up but I'm saved. So when I'm free I can teach my family what praying is all about. Especially my kids, they need the most guidance, older people also and all my friends. Love peace and happiness. Stay strong and keep blessing the prison system because the more the Lord comes here, the more the Holy Spirit will touch people. Both inmates and officers. Stay blessed and please stay in touch. Bless you" [ He had only attended one service with us but we stayed in contact with him after his transfer to another facility as we do. And that's why we go.....Be a Light!]DISCOVERED ROTPM BIBLE



Amazing Letter from RL: "It is said that God works through people, well today I have witnessed another piece of evidence in relation to his working through people. After seeing my "new neighbor" in prayer and Bible study, I asked him about the Bible Study Program he was involved in. My "neighbor" began to show me his current work, and some Completion Certificates. I immediately recognized your name and the Reach out and Touch Prison Ministry name. I'm also interested in participating in the Bible Correspondence Course, so please send me any and all necessary information. Everything happens for a divine purpose and reason, so meeting my "new neighbor" was a sign for me to write you. Thank you for all that you do for all of us prisoners. God bless you!"THANKFUL FOR BIBLE STUDY LESSONSNote from Inmate JW: Thank you a ll so much for helping me to learn about the Bible. It makes me feel so good to do this paper [lesson]. Please keep me in prayer and I will keep you all in mines. God bless. [JW has completed 3 of 12 of our Bible Study Lessons!]


Note from Inmate JW: Thank you a ll so much for helping me to learn about the Bible. It makes me feel so good to do this paper [lesson]. Please keep me in prayer and I will keep you all in mines. God bless. [JW has completed 3 of 12 of our Bible Study Lessons!]

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